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The ezoBord QuickShip program is our promise that some of our most popular items will be shipped from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in approximately one week. Order any of these items in standard dimensions and colors, and we will manufacture, package, and ship your order without delay. Like all our products, QuickShip items are made from 100% PET with a minimum of 50% recycled content and are certified VOC free, all of which means that your ezoBord products are beautiful, healthy, and contribute to LEED and BREEAM credits. They provide ASTM-rated acoustic absorbency to reduce echo and residual noise in any office environment.

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Retrofittable Modular Desk Divider System. Instantly transform your open plan office space into individually separated, quiet workspaces with ezoBord’s modular Hooded Desk divider system nicknamed “Hoody”.

Work Zone Divider

Work Zone Divider is one of the most convenient solutions by ezoBord for open plan spaces that need privacy, acoustical comfort and style. installed easily, work zone dividers define visual boundaries for offices, create niches in public spaces and function as sound barriers for settings require speech privacy.

Grid Canopy

Formed by machined slabs, Grid Canopies are shipped flat and can be easily assembled on site. Open cell structure of Grid Canopies allows sprinkler placement, airflow, natural light penetration and artificial lighting integration. Grid canopies can be suspended from open deck ceilings or from standard T-bar ceilings with optional adjustable hardware. With dual tone color availability, Grid Canopies are useful for adding variation, pattern and unifying movement to any space.