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Tac Panels

ezoBord Tac Panels can be installed on various wall surfaces with double sided ezoTape (pre-installed). Reclosable fasteners also available.

Work Zone Divider

Work Zone Divider is one of the most convenient solutions by ezoBord for open plan spaces that need privacy, acoustical comfort and style. Installed easily, Work Zone Dividers define visual boundaries for offices, create niches in public spaces and function as sound barriers for settings require speech privacy.

Grid Canopy

Suspended ezoBord Grid Canopies bring an entirely new level of aesthetics to room acoustics. Hang a Grid Canopy in any space to control excess reverberation.

Grid Canopies decrease reverberation, increase speech intelligibility and contribute to visual aspects of architectural spaces.

Geo Cloud

Designed by SDI Interior Design. Photographed by Steve Tsai.

ezoBord Geo Cloud provide on the spot sound absorption while staying minimalistic, coherent yet noticeable.

Ceiling Baffles

ezoBord Curv is a high efficiency vertical ceiling baffle system. With endless potential of customization, Curv can contribute to any architectural work that needs high acoustical performance and designer’s touch. Curv baffle system represents the perfect balance of form, function and cost effectiveness.

Acoustical Net

ezoBord Acoustical Net is the completely customizable solution for excessively reverberant and acoustically demanding open ceiling environments. It can follow any form to encapsulate the visual space and envelope the audible spectrum.

​Acoustical Net, a new way of capturing space acoustically.