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Pattern V-Notch Sheets

Patterned V notching adds visual depth to ezoBord sheets and brings harmony and control to acoustically demanding spaces.

Obi Mobile Office Divider

ezoBord Obi Mobile Office Dividers are a great way to instantly absorb sound, add privacy, color and style in any open plan work space.

Obi Mobile Office Dividers add color and shape and design while helping in controlling room acoustics and are tackable.

Freestanding Privacy Screen

Freestanding Privacy Screens can provide rewritable surfaces while absorbing sound and are fully tackable to put up your meeting notes or other important documents.

Privacy screens can be set up in minutes in any number of configurations to define meeting spaces rapidly and cost effectively.

Whiteboard option in upper only; whiteboard on both sides.


ezoBord Panels are acoustically effective, customizable, decorative and recycled. Easy to install ezoBord panels and our specialized design teams provide top-notch solutions, endless creative possibilities that ensures superior acoustical performance.

Geo Tile

Designed by BH Architects. Photography by Double Space Photography.

Geo Tiles can be applied to any wall made of any material to control excess reverberation. Availability of shape, size and color variations, provide endless possibilities for designers looking for visually appealing tessellations and original compositions.

ezo on ezo

ezo on ezo product range adds selection of stylish patterns on a second layer of ezoBord to provide elegance and premium acoustical comfort. Combining depth, dimension and color ezo on ezo can tone in with any color palette and style.

Tac Panels

ezoBord Tac Panels can be installed on various wall surfaces with double sided ezoTape (pre-installed). Reclosable fasteners also available.

Work Zone Divider

Work Zone Divider is one of the most convenient solutions by ezoBord for open plan spaces that need privacy, acoustical comfort and style. Installed easily, Work Zone Dividers define visual boundaries for offices, create niches in public spaces and function as sound barriers for settings require speech privacy.

Grid Canopy

Suspended ezoBord Grid Canopies bring an entirely new level of aesthetics to room acoustics. Hang a Grid Canopy in any space to control excess reverberation.

Grid Canopies decrease reverberation, increase speech intelligibility and contribute to visual aspects of architectural spaces.