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The performance of acoustic panels depends on material and geometry.
EzoBord’s three-dimensional Summit baffle system proves that bringing the right combination of materials and design-work can lead to astonishing improvements in acoustic performance.
With an incredible acoustic performance of NRC 1.30 (Type A – direct applied), the Summit system perfectly balances high performance acoustics with high design, high-performance treatment options to the acoustic panel market.


The ezoBord QuickShip program is our promise that some of our most popular items will be shipped from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in approximately one week. Order any of these items in standard dimensions and colors, and we will manufacture, package, and ship your order without delay. Like all our products, QuickShip items are made from 100% PET with a minimum of 50% recycled content and are certified VOC free, all of which means that your ezoBord products are beautiful, healthy, and contribute to LEED and BREEAM credits. They provide ASTM-rated acoustic absorbency to reduce echo and residual noise in any office environment.

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With Rail we are going beyond illumination for interior spaces. True to our acoustic roots, we incorporate the performance of ezoBord material to LED technology providing a synergistic relation between acoustic and lighting as a solution to the high noise levels and reverberation issues common to open spaces.

Design in collaboration with Metalumen, Rail comes with a variety of light color temperatures and as a mix with our classic Baffle Systems ( “Vesi” and “Veldi”).

Suspended Office

There really is no “one size fits all” solution, privacy encompasses many different needs and behaviors, each form of privacy – acoustical, informational or visual, helps people to feel free, to share ideas and to make work visible. Designed in collaboration with B2Lab, Suspended Office is an ecosystem of spaces that re-define the privacy of the work area and shape collaborative work.

Featuring ezoBord acoustical surface materials in a variety of visually interesting patterns, colors, and configurations that perfectly balance design and functionality.


Obi Mobile office dividers are the perfect way to instantly transform any space into places where people meet collaborate, share and learn.

Ruggedly built, totally mobile and ‘nestable’, OBI Office Dividers feature ezoBord acoustical surface materials and are available in a variety of visually interesting patterns. OBI office dividers are also available with magnetic rewriteable surface options and shelf and file storage options making them perfect for mutli task/meeting environments.


Meet “Hoody”

Retrofittable Modular Desk Divider System. Instantly transform your open plan office space into individually separated, quiet workspaces with ezoBord’s modular Hooded Desk divider system nicknamed “Hoody”.

Standardized Grid Canopy

ezoBord Grid Canopies bring an entirely new level of aesthetics to room acoustics. Hang a Grid Canopy in any space to control excess reverberation.

Grid Canopies decrease reverberation, increase speech intelligibility and contribute to visual aspects of architectural spaces.


ezoPrint adds depth and texture to any wall, improves acoustical comfort in any space, brings practicality and style to any architectural work. You can transform your environment with prints of favorite building materials, abstract designs or your own brand.



The Peri system defines balance, a place where ‘open office’ collaboration meets the privacy needs of the individual. Peri is collaborative by design and is enhanced by high performance acoustics, whiteboards and tackable panel surfaces.

A combination of circular and semi circular structures supporting panel mounted and freestanding furniture, media and power / charging stations can be easily placed where needed.