About ezoBord

Founded in 2008, ezoBord were early pioneers in the field of design driven acoustics, pushing the boundaries with a unique range of fully customizable acoustic products for ceiling, wall, division and furniture applications. The company specializes in a fully recyclable acoustic material made from PET plastic, giving a wide range of design options, colour choices, and bespoke print capability.

The company’s headquarters are in Mississauga, Ontario Canada with a state of the art research and development facility supported by a team of industrial designers, product engineers and acousticians. With 3 direct production facilities, extensive sales and specification teams, and local support available in multiple countries across 4 continents.

Acoustics and Sectors

Health and wellbeing within buildings is affected by many factors, light, heat, indoor air quality, and of course sound levels. We specialise in creating high performance acoustic solutions, tailored to meet the design needs of a wide variety of commercial segments. Our team of industrial designers and acousticians work hand in hand to create solutions which are both beautiful and functional.


The trend to create modern collaborative open working environments has created acoustic challenges, intensified by the use of hard reflective surfaces in design. We believe in the importance of providing a comfortable environment to work within, with excellent speech intelligibility, minimal unwanted interruptions, whilst encouraging collaboration.

We offer a wide range of products suited to office environments, from bespoke branding and images, signature ceiling installations such as the acoustical net, beautiful division options such as the work zone divider, to simple but effective acoustic desk screens.


Intelligibility of speech and low background noise is very important in educational and library buildings, to ensure a comfortable learning environment. Early years education facilities will often be subject to high levels of sound with hard surface designs causing excessive reverberation around the room making it difficult for pupils to hear each other and their teacher.

Well positioned sound absorbing acoustic treatment can be used to reduce reverberation, improve speech intelligibility, concentration levels, and generally making a more relaxing learning environment. Geo tiles, acoustic tackboards, retrofit furniture cabinet panels, ceiling tiles and baffles all fit well within the education segment to create a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing learning environment.


Modern interior design continues to deliver highly creative interior spaces, to enhance branding and experience in public space such as bars, restaurants, and hotels public areas. Hard surfaced material such as wood, metal, plastics, glass, and concrete are common place within this design, and also on the furniture used within this space. This use of hard material in high footfall areas often leads to very high levels of reverberation, making speech intelligibility, background noise, and acoustic comfort levels poor.

We have developed an array of acoustic solutions which are not only high performing but are sympathetic to hospitality design. Our range of printed wall coverings and ceiling treatments designed to replicate traditional hard reflective surfaces such as brickwork and wood, make the perfect combination of design and acoustic performance. Our grid canopies and acoustical nets fit well within restaurant and bar design, whilst allowing excellent light penetration. Our expertise in offering custom design and manufacturing means ezoBord is excellently positioned to offer bespoke acoustic elements, which traditionally sit within the joinery package.